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Who We are?

Brand Source Technologies is a Chennai based privately held company, offering Software development, Software maintenance and Services, Recruitment consultant, Corporate training, Outsourcing, Sales and Marketing and many more......



From Brand Source Technologies IT, We provided Design and IT Services. Currently We are involve in Web programming (PHP - MySQL), website development, content management systems, Theme development, Web applications as well as Window applications.


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Our Vision

We deliver the system to the clients as early as possible and implement changes as suggested. With this foundation Brand Source Technologies programmers are able to courageously respond to changing requirements and technology. A modern marketing plan is incomplete without an effective on-line component. Brand Source Technologies will design, develop, maintain and/or expand your website. We can build it from the ground up or modify an existing site. Currently We are ready to develop Web applications, Content management system (Wordpress,Drupal), e-commerce applications (Especially in Wordpress, Magento) and window applications

What we do

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Web Design
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Web Programming
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Software development
Software Development
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Sales &Marketing

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