About Us

Brand Source Technologies is one of the leading companies specializing in the areas of Staffing & Recruitment Solutions, Payroll Management, HR infotech, BPO/KPO and Corporate Training. We started our operations on August 2008. We are involved in providing quality Staffing Solutions to our clients in India. We are a fast growing Staffing & IT Company. With a combination of offshore and onsite model, we deliver high quality, cost effective staffing and HR infotech Services. We help Companies get highly skilled and efficient employees through our Recruitment & Staffing Solutions. With the state-of-the-art development center, Brand Source Technologies has the ability to execute projects at various functional and technical levels in different business domains.

We are involved in providing quality Services to our clients in India and abroad. We are a continuously growing and independently owned Company, providing highly professional and personalized approach in your recruitment needs. We help Companies get highly skilled and efficient employees through our Recruitment & Staffing Solutions.

What We Are

We are young, energetic, enthusiastic, dynamic and positive. Every firm is constantly striving to achieve one or more of the above objectives, including us. There are a few things we do and we do well to help our clients achieve these objectives.
"No matter what is the size of the organization customer relationship management is the keyword today and BRAND SOURCE TECHNOLOGIES aims at building that relationship through our esteemed services."
WE deliver the resources to the clients as early as possible according to the needs. With this foundation Brand Source Technologies recruiters are able to efficiently respond to client´s requirements through technology.
Don´t just build business, build people and they in turn will build your business. So, we at Brand Source Technologies help you build your business by providing you candidates who are exactly tailor-made for your organization."



We Provide END TO END HR Services

We are a consultancy firm in the recruitment field, making an effort to carve a niche in the placement industry and prove the Brand Source Technologies can make a difference to the quality of your staff by increasing the overall productivity and the talent pool of your company. We focus on all the positions starting from the entry level to the senior most position in the organization.

"We like to be the best at what we do." This means we specialize as much as we can and master what we do. Our IT staffing specialization mirrors the skill sets required to support our Technology solutions practices.